Decathelon's BTWIN My Bike ~ Road Hybrid Conversion Review

Freakishly Fast. Anti Puncture. Aerodynamic. These words can't co-exist in the same sentence with 'BTWIN's My Bike' right? Think again. This bike proves aerodynamics & bike fit is everything, far more important than what your bike is made of. Another advantage I found was, how easy is to calculate cadence if it's a single speed bike. Turns out it is 26-27 Kmph at 90 RPM, perfect! Every part is sourced from Decathlon, Ludhiana.
Handlebar - 2499
Tyres - 1998
Bar Tape - 599
Bike - 4500
Total = 9596 ... and you've got the perfect winter training bike. Looks like Specialized AWOL, eh?